We will be at NC One Water from December 4 – 7 in Charlotte, NC. We hope to see you there!


We will be at NC One Water from December 4 – 7 in Charlotte, NC. We hope to see you there!


We will be at NC One Water from December 4 – 7 in Charlotte, NC. We hope to see you there!


SmartCover© Systems offers cost-effective satellite manhole monitoring solutions to eliminate sewer overflows, optimize collection system cleaning, minimize odorous H2S gas, and accurately identify inflow and infiltration (I&I). Our comprehensive dashboard with alarms and notifications allows you to efficiently manage real-time data to enhance performance, reduce costs, and optimize resources.

Easy-to-Implement Solutions Reduce
Safety Risks

No confined space entry and in-shop installation limit field resources and safety hazards.

Elimination of Sewer Overflows Protects Community Health and Safety

Elimination of sewer overflows decreases threats to public health.

Proven Solutions Enhance Utility’s Resiliency

Uninterrupted visibility of the system reduces risks, avoids damages and fees, and encourages efficiencies.

Our Mobile App Delivers Continuous System Visibility

Gain system insights wherever you are, whenever you need it.

“SmartCover© has allowed us to perform targeted analysis on our sewers, providing real-time data and alarming to avert sanitary sewer overflows, backups, and subsequent cleanup. In addition, the units are providing valuable data for I&I analysis so we can make informed capital investment decisions. It is a key tool in our toolkit for collection system maintenance and replacements.”

New Jersey American Water

“Rapidly rising water levels have historically presented significant challenges with regard to spills. Our ongoing use of SmartCover©, along with our adaptive deployment approach, is enabling Green Bay to respond quickly with data-based decisions for managing inflow and infiltration, as well as gain insights into longer term planning, maintenance, and capital improvement decisions.”

Green Bay, WI

“Within the first three hours, we had one SmartCover© tell us there was a blockage on the way, and we were able to go out and clear the blockage before we had a problem. So, in three- or four-months’ time we’ve had three of those incidences where we already avoided sanitary sewer overflows. If we can avoid a sewage backup in people’s homes, that’s highly desirable.”

Arlington, TX

“The real-time data provided by the SmartCover unit at Lift Station 2 bolstered our situational awareness and allowed us to properly configure our bypass system.”

Carpinteria, CA

“Over the weekend during heavy rain, we suffered a failure of a 24″ sewer main under Hale Avenue near the I-15 crossing. We were very fortunate to discover this failure before a spill occurred. We made a timely discovery because we received surcharge alarms from a SmartCover installed upstream! I wanted to let you know that your company’s device performed well for us and helped us avoid a much larger problem.”

Escondido, CA

“Thank you SmartCover for a great product and staff support that came through when needed. Because of SmartCover deployment I was able to enjoy the holidays rather than writing up spill records.”

El Segundo, CA

“They have saved a few catastrophes. And the level of service we get is commendable.”

Lake Arrowhead, CA
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