Providing Customers Visibility into Their Systems

SmartCover Systems is a leader in providing monitoring solutions for water and wastewater applications. With keen focus on customers’ gaining collection system visibility™, our water “internet of things” solutions are achieved with remote sensor systems continuously measuring, acquiring and communicating data via advanced satellite communications. As a result, customers have 24/7 access to data and advanced analytics via the cloud through a unique user interface. 

More than one decade ago, the SmartCover Systems was founded through careful listening to our customers and industry advisers. The company’s success both then and now rests on that principle.

Our customer-centric focus drives our efforts for excellence in customer service and continuous technology innovation and development.  With this, SmartCover Systems is the established leader for collection system application solutions such as: 

  • Cleaning Maintenance Optimization (SmartClean™)
  • smartcover systemI & I tracking
  • CSO monitoring and reporting
  • Data source integration and correlation of rain, tide and river with level and flow
  • SSO prevention

Through thousands of installations and hundreds of millions of operating hours, current and new customers alike are assured that they are receiving:

  • Insightful visibility into their collection system
  • Superior value through a diverse set of uses
  • Keen focus on customer service and support
  • Robust day-over-day protection
Mission and Vision

Our Vision – SmartCover Systems provides Collection Systems Asset Management solutions through Real-Time Condition Assessment. 

Utilizing a wide array of applications designed to capture remote data, software and analytics enable informed, actionable decisions that can result in prioritized capital projects. This process lowers operating and capital costs while concurrently enabling better performance.

Our Mission – To provide customers with innovative solutions in the water and wastewater industries. We are dedicated to: 

  • Enabling customers to meet mandated goals
  • Providing solutions that result in superior operational efficiencies
  • Creating new insights that result in better utilization of capital
  • Protecting the environment and public health
  • Continuous improvement in the delivery of customer-centric services and solutions
Our History in Brief

SmartCover Systems, then known as Hadronex, was founded by two elected water officials in 2005. Dr. Greg Quist, PhD and his partner, David Drake, EE, were both technologists who had a passion for water.  

Focused on and guided by industry need, they developed the SmartCover®, the first sewer system monitor that promised to provide real-time and continuous visibility into the wastewater collection system. 

With continuous robust monitoring at remote sites, relevant data is delivered to the desktop via the cloud. Customers have a new and highly efficient way to stay ahead of their system. Over the course of more than a decade, customers have come to depend on SmartCover for providing a pro-active system to help prevent sewer overflows. This alone provides a meaningful return on investment for customers. Not resting with this innovative solution, the Founders and the SmartCover team continue to infuse technologies from aerospace, defense, space, and remote sensing technologies, leading to new advanced tools and expanded applications with significant value to the industry.   

In 2016, SmartCover teamed with XPV Water Partners to rapidly pursue the Company’s vision of providing data-backed solutions that provide guidance for operations, capital, and asset management.

Today, SmartCover continues to promote the same values that established the Company: keen and relentless focus on the customer through excellence in service and innovation. 

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