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We help our customers protect the things that matter, whether that’s our communities, our operations, our environment, or our employees. It’s the comfort of having the backing of solid technology.

SmartTrend® is the core analytics software included with every SmartCover© system: it scans millions of data points to accurately recognize irregularities within a collection system. Trends and anomalies are packaged in easy-to-read reports, allowing users to anticipate overflow events at monitored sites well before a potential emergency.

It takes expensive equipment, logistics, and human resources to stay ahead of pipe blockages. Precautionary overcleaning is a common principle, but high-frequency cleaning is costly and notorious for shortening the lifespan of infrastructure assets. By following our cleaning optimization program, utilities eliminate unnecessary cleaning and optimize routine cleaning schedules while ensuring no spills occur due to blockages.

Low-cost I&I studies provide the ability to overlay level, flow, and rain data. Impact ranking can be utilized for asset management, planning, and preparation.