Board of Directors

Marc Bracken M.A.SC., P.ENG, Chairman
Chief Executive Officer, Mobiltex
With more than 18 years of experience in acoustical and vibration engineering, and 11 years of management experience in the water industry, Marc Bracken is Chief Executive Officer of Mobiltex.
David Henderson, Board Member
Founding Partner, XPV Water Partners
As the Founder of XPV, David is a thought leader and sought after advisor and speaker in the area of water technology and investing. David combines his marketing and business development knowledge to create new opportunities for our partners. His grasp of market trends and insights help to connect entrepreneurs to invaluable resources that drive or accelerate growth.
Sam Saintonge, Board Member
Principal, XPV Water Partners
Sam’s research on investment opportunities means that XPV consistently partners with the most innovative companies in the water sector. He develops meaningful relationships with our partners and works with them post-investment to realize their business goals.
Gregory M. Quist, Ph.D., Board Member
Chief Visionary Officer, SmartCover
Greg is one of the original inventors, Co-Founder, and former President and CEO of SmartCover. As Chief Visionary Officer, he supports the long-term strategic direction and growth of the company.
David Drake, Board Member
Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer, SmartCover
David combines over 40 years of experience with technology and electrical engineering with a passion for the water industry. He contributes to the ongoing innovation and supervises intellectual property for the company.