Case Studies

SmartCover® Systems has helped utilities all over the United States save time and money with real-time sewer condition assessment that are fit to their needs. From lift station failures to regulatory compliance, Smartcover® Systems™ real-time monitoring solutions have simplified the way managers schedule their cleaning processes, and positively impacted their capital improvement planning. 

Below you can find all of our case studies that detail out the problem, and how SmartCover® Systems range of products were able to help. 

SmartClean Reduces Cost

See how SmartCover enabled Padre Dam to reduce hot-spot cleaning sites from 121 to 77 sites.

CSO Reporting

See how the City of Albany, NY uses SmartCover to meet CSO Reporting Right-to-Know requirements.

Smart Infrastructure

See how San Antonio Water System reduced cleanings by 94%.

Lift Station Backup

Read more about how Carpinteria Sanitary District was able to detect potential issues and monitor levels during repair.

Real Time Monitoring

Learn how Newburgh utilized SmartCover Systems for real time notification of CSO events and regulatory compliance.

Lift Station Backup

When everything else went down, El Segundo was able to respond quickly to a power outage and avoid a spill.

Real Time Detection

The City of Escondido minimized damages after a pipe collapse due to heavy rainfall thanks to a real time alert.

SSO Prevention

Hawthorne's small crew was able to reduce costs and decrease SSOs by 99% by using our systems for real time monitoring to optimize cleaning.

Regulatory Compliance

Oceanside turned to SmartCover for the prevention and advanced notification of SSOs for regulatory compliance.

Cost Savings vs High Frequency Cleaning

See how South Placer MUD reduced costs and improved management of at-risk sewer sites.

Inflow & Infiltration

Learn how Klamath Falls, OR has improved management of I&I by using SmartCover Systems.

Intrusion Monitoring

See how SmartCover assisted the City of Rohnert Park with an illegal dumper

Remote Monitoring for Large Areas

Learn how SmartCover is enabling Camp Pendleton to monitor multiple types of sites across more than 237 miles of water/sewer infrastructure spanning over 125 thousnad acres.