Collection System Cleaning Optimization

Unseen and out of mind, an intricate maze of pipeline systems move sewage throughout our communities. Blockages from cooking fats, tree roots, or other debris (FROGs) can result in disastrous sewer spills. Without underground visibility, vigilant sewer operators routinely clean the same pipes whether they need it or not, and this gets costly.

Wastewater operators need advance notice of an issue arising in a collection system so that corrective action can be taken before an overflow occurs. Ongoing remote monitoring in conjunction with long term trending analysis enables agencies to identify sewer line blockages well in advance of a spill.

Cleaning As Needed, No Longer Just In Case
With the high tech advantage of SmartCover, operators are now able to maintain their collection system on a proactive planned basis rather than reactive, time-based cleaning cycle. The paradigm has shifted from high frequency cleaning “just in case” to cleaning “as needed” and saving millions of dollars in resources.