Collection System Cleaning Optimization

The conventional practice of regularly scheduled collection system cleaning, especially with high frequency, is intended to lower instances of sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). Yet, this practice incurs substantial operational costs, increases pipe deterioration and doesn’t provide SSO protection between cleanings.

Before SmartCover, wastewater operators had collection system “blind spots” and cleaned sewer pipes based on a history and/or perceived risk of spills whether it was needed or not. And while high frequency cleaning may lower instances of sanitary sewer overflows, it carries a corresponding, substantial operational cost with demands on personnel and equipment in an unending cycle. A schedule-driven routine of cleaning promotes overcleaning, increases pipeline wear and shortens the lifespan of these expensive underground assets.

Today, SmartCover remote sewer monitoring technology coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) is allowing collection system visibility for preventing SSOs while optimizing a sewer cleaning schedule.

A SmartClean Program
Our remote sewer monitoring takes out the guesswork. Automated trend analysis determines maintenance based on current sewer conditions. The powerful combination of real-time data and AI-based analytics gives users the ability to anticipate the rate of build-up and to schedule cleanings accordingly. Alarms are issued as blocks are detected and sewer cleaning becomes critical.

Prepare vs. React
Predictive trend analytics transforms work practices — favoring planning versus reacting. These practices lower costs, reduce in-traffic risks, preserve assets and eliminate SSOs. With continuous monitoring, utilities can take a proactive approach to cleaning maintenance, resulting in savings, risk-reduction and a more complete understanding of the collection system behavior.

Clean As Needed
SmartCover cleaning programs have proven successful for public and private utilities. The system includes automatic trend analysis for determining when and where to clean — cleanings are done only as needed. Unnecessary cleanings are eliminated and continuous monitoring assures 24/7 protection against sewer overflows.

SmartClean provides distinct advantages:

  • Reduced operational costs: fewer cleanings improves efficiency
  • Improved visibility: prioritize cleanings based on real-time sewer conditions
  • Productivity gains: personnel & equipment redirected to other projects
  • Continuous protection: monitoring between cleanings and immediate alarms prevents SSO & CSO
  • Crew safety: less time spent in roadways
  • Resource allocation: lower traffic management costs
  • Extended asset life: fewer cleanings reduces pipe and structure deterioration

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