Collection System Cleaning Optimization & SSO Prevention

The usual prescription for sites plagued by a history of progressive, relatively fast-occurring build-ups is to implement a rigorous program of scheduled, high frequency cleaning.

While high frequency cleaning can be successful at lowering instances of sanitary sewer overflows, it also carries a corresponding, substantial operational cost with demands on personnel and equipment in an unending cycle.

The schedule-driven routine of cleaning will promote overcleaning, increasing pipeline wear and shortening the lifespan of these expensive underground assets. This can be especially tenuous with old, high risk pipes.

Clean Only When You Need To
Smart Technology Cleaning or SmartClean™, is a new process for determining when to clean. Using the SmartLevel™ monitoring system, complete with its trend analysis tool, cleaning is performed only when it is needed. Unnecessary cleaning is eliminated and continuous level or flow monitoring assures users of 24/7 protection against overflows. 

SmartClean is a proven process and has demonstrated as much as 94% reduction in cleaning.

Remote site level or flow monitoring incorporates the automated, patented trend analysis tool, SmartTrend®. This powerful combination of real-time monitoring and trend analytics gives users the ability to anticipate the rate of build-up and to schedule cleanings accordingly.

 The SmartClean process provides five distinct advantages to users:
  • Less cleaning reduces operational costs and demands.
  • Lower cleaning frequency means less wear on pipes and can increase asset life.
  • With less cleaning, time in traffic and worker liability is reduced.
  • Less cleaning results in less trips to sites, increasing sustainability.
  • Unlike scheduled cleaning, the SmartClean process gives user 24/7 protection from overflows.
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SmartLevel™ Monitoring System is an integrated, real-time remote water level monitoring system.