Company Overview | SmartCover Systems

SmartCover® Systems offers cost-effective satellite manhole monitoring solutions to eliminate sewer overflows, optimize collection system cleaning, minimize odorous H2S gas, and accurately identify inflow and infiltration (I&I). Our comprehensive dashboard with alarms and notifications allows you to efficiently manage real-time data to enhance performance, reduce costs, and optimize resources.


SmartCover Systems

SmartCover® is a pioneering technology solution provider serving the wastewater industry. We’re driven by the mission to preserve and protect our environment, communities, and quality of life. The company was founded in 2005 by Greg Quist, Ph.D., and David Drake, E.E.—two elected water officials with technology backgrounds who are passionate about water. Encouraged by discussions with wastewater operators, they recognized a critical challenge in the detection of blockages and sewer spill prevention.

Dedicated to the development of a solution that promised to provide reliable collection system visibility, they introduced the first real-time remote monitoring system designed specifically to prevent sewer spills. Today, wastewater utilities have come to depend on SmartCover® for proactive predictions and notifications to help prevent sewer overflows. The SmartCover® team continues to infuse innovation from aerospace, defense, space, and remote sensing technologies, leading to new advanced tools and expanded applications with specialized solutions for surface water systems, water tanks, and nuclear plants. Headquartered in Escondido (CA) with a satellite office in San Antonio (TX), SmartCover® has logged over 250,000,000 operating hours, holds 17 patents, and serves more than 700 utilities with thousands of installations.

In 2016, SmartCover® teamed with XPV Water Partners to fast-track the company’s vision. XPV is composed of experienced water entrepreneurs, operators, and investment professionals dedicated to identifying and growing segment-leading companies in the water and wastewater industry. XPV manages over $400 million USD of investment capital and has access to over $1 billion in co-investment funds. You can learn more about XPV at