CSO Monitoring

Municipalities that deal with combined sewer systems can often find themselves struggling to meet regulatory requirements for CSO monitoring while staying within budget constrictions. Monitoring to characterize CSO impacts and the effectiveness of CSO controls is included as one of the nine minimum controls set forth by the EPA, but without real-time monitoring and data reporting implementation, CSO events are more likely to occur, and impact the budget and organization in a negative way.

Increase Productivity and Decrease Costs
SmartCover Systems CSO monitoring utilizes a dual faceted approach, monitoring not only the current flow levels but also the trends, enabling agencies to maintain their collection system lines based on need rather than a high frequency cleaning based maintenance cycle.

24/7 Monitoring and Reporting
The traditional methods of line cleaning, such as CCTV inspection and visual inspections, only demonstrate the condition of the collection system at that one moment in time. Deploying 24/7 wireless CSO monitoring systems like SmartLevel™ allows agencies to view and analyze trends in their collection system in a manner that was never available in the past. The ability to organize and analyze remotely captured data is a critical factor for effective management of water and wastewater systems. You need to be able to seamlessly see both the detail and the big picture.

See the Bigger Picture
SmartTrend™ analytics provide a rich set of actionable decision-making tools that enable agencies to cut costs on over staffing or relocate labor, maintenance and operations, as well as provide a more well-rounded picture during the capital planning process.

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