READ: David Drake Named Industry Icon

READ: David Drake Named Industry Icon

SmartCover is pleased to announce that David Drake, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, has been named an Industry Icon by Water & Wastes Digest.

The magazine provides an in-depth portrait of David’s upbringing, background and career path that ultimately led him to the founding of Hadronex (d.b.a SmartCover) with co-founder and business partner, Dr. Greg Quist.

As a result of his vision and leadership, the wastewater monitoring and management landscape has been radically transformed in terms of efficiency, spill prevention and environmental protection.

With regard to his choice of working in the wastewater industry, David is quoted as saying, “There is no higher service to civilization than improving how we live. Just think back in history. Some of the very first infrastructure anybody built were water supply and sewage removal [systems]. If you went back 5,000 to 6,000 years, it was the first thing they built.”

Read the full WWD article here.

For more insights on David Drake from key industry voices, WWD produced a series of video interviews.