Inflow and Infiltration Tracking

Inflow and infiltration (I&I) occurs when groundwater and/or storm water flows into the wastewater collection system, through cracked sewer pipes, leaky manholes or undesired connections of downspouts and sump pumps. Excessive I&I can overwhelm a collection system’s capacity creating overflows as well as increasing wastewater treatment plant flows and unnecessarily increasing water treatment costs.

Inflow & Infiltration Assessment
SmartCover helps pinpoint areas affected by inflow and infiltration. I&I can cause costly problems in a collection system through increased capacity during wet weather events and the additional treatment costs in a wastewater treatment plant.

To battle I&I, utilities seek to identify “hot spots” — segments of their collection systems with the highest level of I&I. Analysis can determine high wet-weather flows compared to dry weather flows establishing a ratio for operators.

The traditional approach with flow meters is expensive to purchase and more expensive to keep operational. If the essential task is to determine where I&I is originating and to what degree (wet-dry ratio), then our smart sewer technology is more expeditious, cost-effective, done-for-you, reliable and accurate.

Low-Cost I&I Tracking
SmartCover’s remote monitoring system was engineered to quickly and inexpensively identify collection system segments with the highest wet-dry ratios. In the process, SmartCover eliminates the challenges posed by traditional flow meters.

Finding I&I Impact Points
SmartCover does the data analysis to pinpoint where in a collection system there’s an intake of water. We correlate rain and the diurnal pattern of water level rise to locate linear correlation of rain peak and water level peak. Our software crunches the data and sends timely notifications to wastewater operators with information on impact points.

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