I&I Assessment | SmartCover Systems
I&I Assessment | SmartCover Systems

Inflow & Infiltration

SmartCover© can help you identify specific areas within your collection system that are affected by high levels of inflow and infiltration (I&I). I&I can result in capacity constraints, sewer overflows, and wasted energy in pumping and treating higher volumes of dilute wastewater.


Finding I&I Hot Spots

To battle I&I, utilities seek to determine high wet weather flows as compared to dry weather ones, establishing a wet-dry ratio. SmartCover’s remote monitoring system is engineered to quickly identify collection system segments with the highest wet-dry ratios.

The SmartCover© software analyzes the data to pinpoint where in a collection system there is an inflow of water. It then correlates rain and the diurnal pattern of water level rise to locate the linear correlation of rain peak and water level peak. The software provides an easy-to-read table ranking the highest impact I&I locations within a sewer basin.