Manhole Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection
Safeguard and preserve system integrity against unofficial manhole entry and illegal dumping. Intrusion detection triggers alarms for sewer, water or stormwater manholes, utility vaults, and other lid or manhole accessed spaces.

SmartCover’s tamper alarm immediately informs staff when a manhole cover has been lifted. The real-time alert is transmitted to field staff who are then able to take appropriate corrective action.

Illegal Sewer Dumping
Our sensors continuously gather and analyze flow data. When suspicious changes in flow are detected, public works is informed of any intake point. Over time data from specific hotspots is monitored to detect unusual sewer flow surges, indicating a large discharge into the sewer system. SmartCover monitoring data may be used to investigate illegal entry and dumping into a collection system — saving millions of dollars in resources.  

To learn more about manhole entry detection, visit our UnderCover products page.