Manhole Intrusion Detection | SmartCover Systems
Manhole Intrusion Detection | SmartCover Systems

Manhole Intrusion Detection

SmartCover© provides you the ability to detect authorized—or unauthorized—opening of manholes. Our tamper trigger generates a real-time alarm to field staff when intrusion occurs, so they can then take the appropriate action. The technology allows you to provide proof of operations, as well as combat such issues as illegal dumping, vandalism, and other security issues.


Remote Detection

This feature addresses a wide range of remote entry detection requirements across a variety of industries, including electric utilities, fiber optic vaults, perimeter security, transportation infrastructure, and military installations as well as commercial, construction, and industrial sites.

Intrusion alarms for manholes, utility vaults, and other lid-accessed spaces is a standard feature of all SmartCover© systems and can also be provided as a stand-alone intrusion detection system for added security, especially for distant and remotely located infrastructure assets.