New EPA Study on Smart Data Infrastructure Spotlights SmartCover Customers

New EPA Study on Smart Data Infrastructure Spotlights SmartCover Customers

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just released a comprehensive 58-page report on “Smart Data Infrastructure for Wet Weather Control and Decision Support”.

Summary of the report is as follows:

Rain and snowmelt (referred to as wet weather conditions) can significantly increase flows at wastewater treatment facilities, creating operational challenges and potentially affecting treatment efficiency, reliability, and control of treatment units at these facilities.

Current approaches to wet weather control rely primarily on gray or green infrastructure, or a combination of the two. In recent years, however, municipalities and utilities have been considering how they can take advantage of technological advances to improve their operations and infrastructure.

This document focuses on how municipalities, utilities, and related organizations can use advances in technology to implement “smart data infrastructure” for wet weather control— that is, how they can use advanced monitoring data to support wet weather control and decision-making in real time or near real time. Case studies about communities that have done this across the country are included as appendices and referenced where applicable throughout the report.  Click here to read the full report.

Featured among the case studies in the EPA report are these three forward-looking organizations that are using SmartCover technologies to achieve outstanding results.
Click on the links to read about each case study.

Hawthorne, CA

San Antonio, TX

San Diego, CA

Congratulations to all three for helping EPA prove the value of Smart Data Infrastructures!