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Protecting Public Health

A successful sewer system protects water quality and public health. However, activities such as extreme weather events; fats, oils, and grease (FOG) blockages; and increased inflow and infiltration (I&I) can result in sewer spills—endangering our environment and our communities and costing utilities millions of dollars.


Easy to Implement

SmartCover® offers a comprehensive, uninterrupted view of your sewer system that enables you to enhance your utility’s resiliency. Our solutions scan millions of real-time data points to accurately recognize trends, detect blockages, and deliver alarms and notifications to identified emergency response personnel for abnormal sewer level changes.

  • Iridium satellite communication ensures constant system visibility with no disruptions in mobile dead zones or during weather events.

  • Our solutions require no confined space entry, reducing field resources and safety risks.

  • An effective sewer system that achieves zero spills improves environmental stewardship and eliminates unwanted attention on the utility from regulators, environmental groups, businesses, community leaders, and homeowners.