Read Storm Water Solutions article on Combating CSOs

Read Storm Water Solutions article on Combating CSOs

Read the latest article in Storm Water Solutions on how SmartCover is helping the City of Albany combat CSOs.

The Problem – The city of Albany has had continuous challenges with CSO and flooding. Many of these inevitable challenges, including the mitigation of flooding and combined sewage surface discharges during storms, the reporting of wet weather CSOs to comply with SPRKT, compliance with the requirements for new development in combined sewer areas, tracking dry weather flows and available dry weather capacity, planning sewer separation projects, planning flood mitigation projects, developing flood mitigation measures for a higher level of service and finding the funds to do the projects, can be extremely difficult to overcome.

The Solution – The city of Albany decided to replace the human-centric decision and reaction system with one based on data, information and control. The board chose to address the presented problems by deploying monitoring technology from SmartCover. This patented technology remotely monitors the sewers and relays data using satellite communication to give constant updates of the dynamic conditions within the sewage system. The sensors feed the data to the SmartCover software platform, which integrates with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) rainfall information, regional radar data and tidal information and works hand in hand with the city’s SCADA system.

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