Sewer System Challenges

Prevent sanitary sewer system overflow SSOYou can’t be on time to a sewer system overflow. If you get an overflow alert, you’re late!

If you prevent an overflow, you’re an on-time hero!

All collection systems suffer from progressive and occasionally catastrophic occurrences from restrictions and blockages: fat, oil and grease (FOG), tree roots and sediment buildup, among other causes. The tipping point is unpredictable and occurs when the restricted capacity can no longer handle peak flows. This can happen quickly and result in sewer system overflows (SSO).

Spills are not uncommon: 75,000 per year according to a recent EPA report; 890 billion gallons of raw sewage released annually.

Unpredictable spills cannot be budgeted, drain resources due to their emergency nature and often result in regulatory fines. Locally, spills can restrict access to waterways and recreational facilities and erode public confidence in the responsible agency.

SmartCover Systems give our customers the assurance of Collection System Visibility™ so that they can sleep well.

SmartCover lets you know when to clean, repair and replace your pipes and you’re assured of no spills.

We Deliver Peace of Mind.