Technology Overview

We are so much more than just our technology. We’re in the business of giving peace of mind to our customers. Our tagline sends a signal to our customers that they can finally relax. They can feel comfort in having the support of a solid technology no matter the circumstance or challenge.

SmartCover helps its customers protect the things that matter, whether that’s our communities, our operations, our environment, or our employees. It’s the comfort of having the backing of solid technology. The technology is a key part of what makes this possible, but it’s important to always focus on the protection it grants its users.

SmartCover has Smart Sewer tools and features that give operators in-depth insights into their collection system.

This is the core software analytics software included with every SmartCover system that scans millions of data points to accurately recognize irregularities within a collection system. Trends and anomalies are packaged in easy-to-read reports allowing users to anticipate overflow events at monitored sites well in advance of a potential emergency.
SubSonic® Dual Sensor
When a Subsonic sensor is used with a SmartCover system, you don't have to worry about losing the signal during a sewer surcharge. The sensor is engineered to function in wet, humid, corrosive conditions and the patented design combines the accuracy of an ultrasonic sensor with the wide range of a pressure sensor. This combination allows measurement of valuable data beyond the point when the sensor becomes submerged.
Used for measuring and reporting sewer levels, SmartLevel provides collection systems with real-time, unmanned monitoring of sewer levels 24/7/365. Any subtle nuances in level data are analyzed and when irregularities or anomalies are detected, the system sends notifications for situational assessment and data based decisions in anticipation of events, before they happen.
It takes expensive equipment, logistics, and human resources to stay ahead of pipe blockages. Precautionary overcleaning is a common principle, but high-frequency cleaning is costly and notorious for shortening the lifespan of infrastructure assets. By following our cleaning optimization program, utilities eliminate unnecessary cleaning and optimize routine cleaning schedules while ensuring NO SPILLS due to blockages occur.
H2Scents® uses a specially designed sensor to enable a SmartCover system to reliably measure real-time H2S levels over extended periods of time. The technology can be used in a range of industrial sites including: refineries, oil & gas production, chemical manufacturing, and food processing.
Authorized or unauthorized entry at any SmartCover site is included with the system and may be set to issue alarms when sewer, water or stormwater infrastructure entry is detected. Reports may be used to manage response information, provide proof of operations, and labor accounting. The visibility also combats illegal dumping, vandalism, and other security issues.
Flow level optimized estimation (FLOE) is a tool within the SmartCover solution suite, providing a low cost, low maintenance, highly reliable means for flow measurement and reporting. SmartFLOE is more flexible than AV meters with faster results, lower cost of ownership and reduced risk.
This solution integrates rain data, using Doppler radar and local rain gauges, in combination with your SmartCover level and flow reports. This data integration creates a comprehensive view to better understand your collection system and an easy method to view and understand the relationship of collection system level or flow changes as affected by rain events.
A solution for determining start, stop, duration times, and overflow volume of a combined sewer overflow (CSO) event using real-time measurement of water flow over a weir in a variety of CSO and non-CSO structures. This solution is being used as an asset management tool, helping users assess and prioritize what, if any, upgrades are necessary.
Integration of NOAA tidal data provides enhanced ability to identify emergent issues and inform long-term planning. This integration allows for an easy method to view and understand the relationship of collection system level or flow affected by changes in tide, river or local waterways.
With this solution, we are able to detect water intrusion from groundwater, rainwater, or leaking conduits inside a utility vault. Typical utility vault structure makes access and manual inspection difficult and labor intensive. But, without consistent visibility of conditions, water exposure may be happening inside resulting in infrastructure degradation, failures, reliability issues and subsequent regulatory action. We eliminate the necessity for time consuming visual vault inspection.
StormSentry is an extension of our technology for flood protection and mitigation practices. Using a modified field design, we are able to strategically place field units to capture and correlate flooding activity with designated storm events.