SmartCover Featured in GlobalWaterWorks Webinar: Watch the Video

SmartCover Featured in GlobalWaterWorks Webinar: Watch the Video

Taking the Complaints Out of Compliance – A New Year’s Resolution

With public health protection at the forefront for water and wastewater utilities, our utilities are charged with the responsibility of providing safe, reliable and efficient water and wastewater service – all within a rigid regulatory framework.

One of the most challenging aspects of water and wastewater utility management is compliance – meeting the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act and other regulatory imperatives while becoming proactive in eliminating the potential for regulatory enforcement action.

Complicating things is that federal, state and provincial, county and municipal agencies all have their own reporting requirements, frequencies, objectives and demands. Successfully navigating this complexity can be a daunting task – one where the consequence of failure means notices of violation, fines or worse.

For insight on how to use the power of data to simplify and manage your compliance activities, join two utility thought leaders who give us their first-hand experience in shaping their utilities and systems with data.

Gwyn Norman from the City of Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, lets us know how they are using expert system and data management tools to maintain close-controlled water quality data integrity, chains of custody and event response to ensure compliance – and as a byproduct reduce a significant reporting administrative burden.

Annette Duron from the San Antonio Water System highlights how SAWS is using distributed IoT sensors and systems monitoring and control platforms to get in front of rapid changes in the hydraulic conditions in sewers, eliminating the potential for sanitary sewer overflows, compliance headaches all the while substantially increasing the efficiency of cleaning operations.

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