Low-Cost Open Channel Flow Estimation

SmartFLOE™ Flow Estimation System provides a low-cost, low maintenance, high reliability means for flow measurement and communication. Flow measurement is highly valuable for any open channel water conveyance system. Conventional flow measurement methods can be expensive and complex where reliability, ease of maintenance and data communications are often challenging.

For information regarding your specific SmartFLOE application, please contact your local Regional Sales Manger.


  • Uninterrupted Monitoring From Any Location Through Battery Operation and Satellite Communication.
  • Ongoing Data Capture and Transmission for Analysis.
  • Highly Secure and Easy-To-Use Web Browser Viewing.
  • User-Defined, on the Fly Parameter Selections.
  • Easy, Fast Installation with Minimum Maintenance Required.

Flow Level Optimized Estimation (FLOE) is a new approach to using a well-proven Manning’s equation providing users with a cost-effective means to acquire data for estimating flow rates in open channels.

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System Status Alerts and Alarms

SmartFLOE™ enables receipt of vital information including level alarms and water flows to prevent SSO/CSO. With user-defined alarm settings, the system warns of impending overflow issues before they occur, communicating to assigned personnel via email or text.  Users are informed of the system’s operating status so maintenance can be planned well in advance.

Flexible and Easy Adjustments

The SmartFLOE™ user-configurable algorithm provides flow rate data. For modeling, users can change parameters, such as pipe diameter or slope for an instantaneous view.

SmartFLOE™ can be used in various applications including:

  • Wastewater Collection Systems
  • Storm Water Systems
  • Raw Water Conveyance Systems
  • Any Open Water Channel


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