SmartTide and StreamWatch

Integration of NOAA Tidal Data with System Monitoring Data

Similar to the integration of rain data in SmartRain, the use of tide and river/stream monitors enables quick and accurate identification of flow issues due to one or both of these sources.  By leveraging “data fusion” from these sources in conjunction with SmartCover monitoring of system flows, utility operators are able to make better informed decisions for both short-term emergent conditions and long-term capital planning purposes.

  • SmartCover Systems has access to NOAA tide gauges around the US coastal areas for over 300 sites
  • This NOAA data is updated every hour from remote telemetry
  • Our database is continuously updated and customer organizations are mapped to selected tide gauges
  • The tidal data is then displayed in concert with existing wastewater locations
  • SmartTide™ can be used to correlate with ocean outfalls, irrigation canals and any site that can have a tidal influence
  • No additional client hardware is required to integrate SmartTide™ data with existing SmartCover® monitoring data.





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