Water Intrusion Monitoring System

SmartVault™ is designed to provide ongoing monitoring of cable vaults in nuclear power plants to detect water intrusion. Access to enable inspection of cable vaults can be difficult and expensive but lack of visibility can lead to cable degradation, failures, reliability issues and regulatory actions.

SmartVault is a monitoring system that eliminates the necessity for time consuming visual vault inspection by providing users with desktop access to the water level conditions in the vault. Monitoring is done by remote field units (RFU) located at each site.


How SmartVault Works

Each RFU takes a measurement every 60 minutes. Data is also stored every 60 minutes and transmitted once every six hours via the Iridium satellite system to the SmartVault server.

Users access all site information through their dedicated website. The server is ultra-secure using 2048-bit encryption, compliant with federal standards. All remote field units contain components that are IP-68 rated (submersible) and rated to 10G of force. They are designed for extremely high resistance to corrosion.

With cloud-access, users can view locations graphically, download data in .csv format, check the operational status of the sytsem, view reports, configure system parameters and much more.

DOWNLOAD: SmartVault Datasheet