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SmartCover© is so much more than just technology. We’re in the business of giving peace of mind to our customers. Our tagline sends a signal to our customers that they can finally relax. They can feel comfort in having the support of a solid technology no matter the circumstance or challenge.

Flow level optimized estimation (FLOE) is a tool within the SmartCover© solution suite, providing a low cost, low maintenance, highly reliable means for flow measurement and reporting. SmartFLOE™ is more flexible than AV meters, with faster results, lower cost of ownership, and reduced risk.

SmartWeir™ determines start, stop, duration times and the overflow volume of combined sewer overflow (CSO) events. SmartWeir™ does so using real-time measurement of water flow over a weir in various CSO and non-CSO structures. This is an asset management tool, helping users assess and prioritize what, if any, upgrades are necessary.

The integration of NOAA tidal data enhances your ability to identify emergent issues and perform long-term planning. This integration allows you to easily understand how changes in tide, river, or local waterways affect collection system level or flow.

This solution integrates rain data using Doppler radar and local rain gauges in combination with your SmartCover© level and flow reports. This data integration creates a comprehensive view to help you better understand your collection system and the level or flow changes affected by rain events.

StreamWatch™ utilizes USGS surface water data to provide real-time river and stream level data, integrating it with collection system level and flow data to create a comprehensive cause and effect picture.

Access to your SmartCover system is available with a mobile application available for both iOS and Android devices, certified for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.