Specialty Solutions

SmartCover remote sensors and secure satellite communications technologies have been adapted for special applications in other industries beyond wastewater monitoring, such as water intrusion monitoring for nuclear power plants and manhole security.

SmartVault™ is a water intrusion detection system designed for cable vaults in nuclear power plants.

The NRC requires that back-up cable vaults do not have standing water to protect cables from degradation that could lead to failures. Manual inspections of these vaults by maintenance is difficult and time-consuming.

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UnderCover® 2 is a real-time, self-contained, monitoring system providing intrusion detection along with alarms for sewer, water or storm water manholes, utility vaults, and other lid or manhole accessed spaces. It is both a stand-alone intrusion detection system or can be used in conjunction with other sensors, such as SmartCover® level monitoring.

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