SmartCover Systems Acquires Data Flow Systems Enhancing Its Collection System Optimization Technology

SmartCover Systems Acquires Data Flow Systems, Enhancing Its Collection System Optimization Technology

Escondido, CA, November 28, 2023 – SmartCover Systems (“SmartCover”), a portfolio company of XPV Water Partners and the North American market share leader in real-time sewer and stormwater collection system monitoring and optimization technology, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Data Flow Systems (“Data Flow”).

More frequent extreme weather events are accelerating the need for SmartCover and Data Flow’s technologies, both of which play a key role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. With this acquisition, SmartCover—which has helped prevent tens of thousands of harmful sewer spills and is saving its customers millions of dollars per year—adds the ability to monitor and control lift stations, which are an important point of vulnerability in collection systems. The combined company has more than 20,000 smart devices deployed, supporting more than 850 customers in North America.

Based in Melbourne, FL, Data Flow offers an end-to-end approach from design to implementation with ongoing support of software, hardware, and communications for utilities of any size looking to securely monitor and control their lift stations and associated outside the fence assets. Using its proprietary software, Data Flow can also provide the ability to optimize lift station pumping operations in real time based on network conditions, an offering that delivers significant energy savings while helping extend the life of pumps.

David Walker, President of Data Flow, said, “We embrace the opportunity to become part of the SmartCover family. This strategic move allows us to broaden our reach and enhance our solution offerings, all while maintaining our commitment to deliver reliable solutions for critical systems with a demonstrated return on investment.”

SmartCover and Data Flow will maintain their namesake brands and product lines.

“The acquisition of Data Flow aligns with our vision to deliver continuous visibility throughout the entirety of the collection system, spanning from monitoring to control across gravity and pressure pipes to lift stations,” said Corey Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer, SmartCover. “We are pleased to welcome the company to our team.”

Data Flow is SmartCover’s first acquisition since partnering with XPV Water Partners and is consistent with the company’s plans to build on its position as a trusted partner for North American utilities.

“SmartCover continues to build the most comprehensive collection system optimization technology suite, solving some of the most pressing issues faced by utilities,” said Sam Saintonge, Investment Partner, XPV Water Partners. “We are thrilled with the company’s addition of Data Flow.”

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