Storm & Surface Water Monitoring

SmartCover provides real time remote level monitoring for storm and surface water applications.

Using SmartLevel monitoring system, data is delivered via the cloud to provide operators with remote-site visibility.

Additional data sources including rain, tide or river can be combined with level data providing a composite picture of cause and effect.

What separates SmartCover’s solutions from all others is communications via the high reliability satellite system. When bad weather hits, Iridium assures consistent communication when needed most.

Current Applications


Canals, Rivers and Streams

StreamWatch™ level monitoring of open water flows provides real-time data and feedback for additional actions such as to open or close gates to avoid flooding and maximize retention. 



Reservoirs, Ponds and Lagoons
Monitoring level to determine when to open or close valves.





Monitoring for dry wells or manholes used to measure total flows. Storm water overflow with notifications for actions when water levels reach critical levels.  These monitors provide alarms upon the “first flush” caused by a storm, triggering action for deployment of sampling. 




Water Tanks and Vessels
Monitor tank levels with real-time data and user defined alarms. Water tanks, chemical tanks, enclosed vaults and vessels are all suitable for monitoring.