Stormwater and Surface Water Data Fusion

SmartCover has the ability to organize and analyze remotely captured data for effective management of a wastewater system. With seamless automatic visibility, operators see both the detail and the big picture — this type of automatic trend analysis was never available in the past. 

SmartCover provides real time remote level and flow monitoring for storm and surface water applications. With the integration of layered data such as rain, tide and/or river, a composite picture of cause and effect is available.

Monitoring dry wells, open channels, manholes during storm events, SmartCover notifications begin at the “first flush,” enabling the timely deployment of personnel at the most critical points of a collection system.

A SmartCover system optimizes response times and ensures resilience when facing severe storm activity. SmartCover indicates when to —

  • Canals, rivers and streams: open or close gates to avoid flooding and maximize retention
  • Reservoirs, ponds and lagoons: open or close valves
  • Stormwater: deployment of sampling
  • Tanks and vaults: water tanks, chemical tanks, enclosed vaults and vessels are all suitable for monitoring; using a pressure transducer, advance warnings allow for proper action related to critical levels