Stormwater & Surface Water | SmartCover Systems

Real-Time Monitoring

SmartCover© provides real-time, remote level and flow monitoring for storm and surface water applications. With the integration of layered data such as rain, tide, and river, a composite picture of cause and effect is available.


Automated Notifications

Monitoring dry wells, open channels, and manholes during storm events, SmartCover© notifications enable the timely deployment of personnel at the most critical points of a collection system or stormwater management network.

SmartCover© provides real-time network visibility during storm events, allowing utilities to optimize response times and ensure resilience when facing severe storm activity. SmartCover© can provide insights that drive decisions around when to open or close gates to avoid flooding; when to open or close valves in reservoirs, ponds, and lagoons; when to deploy sampling for stormwater; and longer-term decision-making around optimal infrastructure upgrades.