Summer is Here! SmartCover Helps You Enjoy it!

Summer is Here! SmartCover Helps You Enjoy it!


“If there ever was a time where we rely on the SmartCover system for early warnings of sewer system irregularities, this is it.”

When it’s your job to protect our communities from sewage contamination, resilience is nothing new — you’re in the business of monitoring the unseen. Wouldn’t you like the advantages of a done-for-you notification system that lets you know BEFORE there’s an emergency?

No more unknowns.

More time to relax.

We’ve got summer covered. With SmartCover, you can rest assured all the traditions of summer are protected by the most reliable sewer monitoring system in North America — so there’s no disruption to anyone’s summertime fun. SmartCover is made for summer.

If you’d like to know in advance when and where there’s an impending sewer spill in your collection system, arrange a complimentary demo with us by submitting this form.

Mobile App Available for SmartCover Users