Survey Responses Help SmartCover Innovate on your Behalf

Survey Responses Help SmartCover Innovate on your Behalf

Customer Feedback Spurs SmartCover Innovation on your Behalf

The voice of our customer guides SmartCover’s innovation. Through surveys and daily interactions, we are grateful for your ideas and suggestions! Even more, a recent series of surveys among current customers revealed that 95% are either “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied.” Check out the completed results here.

Our thanks to you, is manifested in solutions that give you better ways to achieve your goals for I&I reduction, cleaning optimization, SSO prevention and seamless CSO monitoring.

With each of these we have more to do and look forward bringing new, customer inspired innovations this year. They’ll be announced in the upcoming newsletters. Today, we are pleased to announce our new Data Integration tools – the article can be found on our site here.

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