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Technology is a key part of what makes this possible, but it’s important to always focus on the protection it grants its users. SmartCover© has Smart Sewer tools and features that give operators in-depth insights into their collection system.

Used for measuring and reporting sewer levels, SmartLevel™ provides collection systems with real-time, unmanned monitoring of sewer levels 24/7/365. SmartLevel™ analyzes any subtle nuances in level data, and when the system detects irregularities or anomalies, it sends notifications for situational assessment and data-based decisions in anticipation of events before they happen.

H2Scents® uses a specially designed sensor to enable a SmartCover© system to reliably measure real-time H2S levels over extended periods. The technology can be used in various industrial sites, including refineries, oil and gas production, chemical manufacturing, and food processing.  

When you pair a SubSonic® Dual Sensor with a SmartCover© system, you don’t have to worry about losing the signal during a sewer surcharge. The sensor functions in wet, humid, corrosive conditions, and the patented design combines the accuracy of an ultrasonic sensor with the wide range of a pressure sensor. This combination allows the measurement of valuable data beyond the point when the sensor becomes submerged.

A typical utility vault structure makes access and manual inspection difficult and labor-intensive. But, without consistent visibility of conditions, water exposure may be happening inside, resulting in infrastructure degradation, failures, reliability issues, and subsequent regulatory action. SmartVault® detects water intrusion from groundwater, rainwater, or leaking conduits, eliminating the necessity for time-consuming visual vault inspection.

You may set alarms to detect the entry of sewer, water, or storm water infrastructure. The reports help you manage response information, provide proof of operations, and labor accounting. The visibility also combats illegal dumping, vandalism, and other security issues.

StormSentry™ is an extension of our technology for flood protection and mitigation practices. Using a modified field design, we are able to strategically place field units to capture and correlate flooding activity with designated storm events. 

Typically deployed at rivers, streams, canals, and reservoirs, the platform for SmartCover’s remote field unit is the NEMA 4X enclosed system. All components in the compact design are manufactured beyond IP-68 standards and have survived harsh weather conditions.