UnderCover® Manhole Security System

UnderCover® is a real-time, self-contained, monitoring system providing intrusion detection and alarms for sewer, water or storm water manholes, utility vaults, and other lid or manhole-accessed spaces. It is both a standalone intrusion detection system or can be used in conjunction with liquid level sensors.

The UnderCover® system includes four basic components:

  • an entry sensor such as a MEMS device or limit switch
  • two-way wireless communications network
  • data storage and analysis
  • decision and action support


  • Reduce Operational Risk.
  • Know When and Where Your System Has Been Accessed.
  • Get Ahead of Potential Problems.
  • No Need for Local Power or Communications to Operate System.
  • Monitor Remote Locations.
How UnderCover Works


5 Year Battery – Default 5-Year Battery Power.

The UnderCover® system includes an intuitive graphical map or satellite image user interface.

Two-Way Wireless Communications – Military-Grade Iridium® Satellite System That Are Unaffected by Storms, and Provide World-Wide Coverage.

Data Storage, Analysis, and Fusion –  Cloud-Based Storage, High Security, Real-Time Analysis and Fusion with Other Data. Map-Based Interface.

Decision Support – Support of Operations and Management Decisions, Work Orders, Alarms, Alerts and Advisories.

Intrusion Detection Application

The UnderCover® manhole security system is adaptable to multiple threats, and may be used for a number of applications under a variety of conditions.

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Monitor Vaults for Theft
  • Asset Protection at Critical Sites
  • Protect Remote Areas
  • Verify Field Work was Undertaken
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Detect Unauthorized Dumping
  • Border Monitoring


UnderCover UnderCover
Direct attachment to manhole cover or hatch. Dual antennae to defeat disabling external antenna. Hardened RFU. MEMS sensor. Local RFU mounted internal to space and stealthy antenna mounted near opening. Contact sensors. Remotely mounted RFU and antenna.
Highest countermeasures.
Contact sensors.




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