Video of Greg Quist’s Presentation to Strata Data Conference Now Available

Video of Greg Quist’s Presentation to Strata Data Conference Now Available

The video of Greg Quist’s presentation on “The Collision between AI and Underground Infrastructure” at Strata Data Conference on March 27, 2019 in San Francisco, CA is now available for viewing. Click below to learn how technology can help to avert the impending crisis in water and sewer infrastructure that is invisibly growing beneath our feet.

Background Information:

The United States is facing a silent and invisible crisis. Our water and sewer systems are getting dangerously old. (Most of them were put into place after World War II.) The symptoms of this old age are sewer spills and water main breaks, but since these systems are not visible—and because when you turn on the faucet or flush your toilet you received expected results—the problem of aging underground pipelines doesn’t gather much attention in the infrastructure debate. Replacement and repair of the country’s pipeline system is estimated to cost $1 trillion.

The first step in solving this crisis is knowing the extent and severity of the problem. Water levels in sewers have a signature, analogous to a human EKG. This signature can be analyzed in real time, using pattern recognition techniques, revealing distressed pipeline and allowing users of this technology to take appropriate steps for maintenance and repair—solving the big problems and saving big money.

SmartCover Systems has been providing an IoT solution to its customers for 15 years, using techniques honed in defense and remote sensing, gathering more than 200 million hours of sewer data. Greg Quist shares case studies and results from applying the IoT and AI to underground infrastructure.