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H2S Monitoring:
Solution Application Training
SmartCover Demo: How it Works Overview
Become a Hero With SmartCover
The Future of Water with Global Water Works
Why SmartCover Uses Iridium Satellite Network
I&I Impact Report: Find Out Where I&I Impacts Your Collection System
Putting Technology to Work: Smart Manhole Covers -- Arlington, TX
Customer Perspective of SmartCover Features
Reporting SmartCover Success Before City Council -- Arlington, TX
Smart Manhole Covers Are Working -- Green Bay, WI
Underground Grid Goes High Tech Monitoring Sewers -- Toronto, CAN
WaterWorld Interview with Dr. Greg Quist -- WEFTEC 2018
Bloomberg: Investing in Water Innovation -- U.S. & Canada
Seeing Things We Previously Couldn’t See in Our Sewer -- Sarasota, FL
Local Invention Stops Sewage Spills -- San Diego, CA
WaterWorld Interview with San Antonio Water System -- WEFTEC 2016
SAWS Using Manhole Smart Covers -- San Antonio, TX
SmartCover Thwarts Over 200 Spills - San Antonio, TX
Sewage Odor Control - Richmond City, CA
How SmartCover Saves Utilities Big Money - San Diego, CA
Greg Quist on David Drake
Dave Henderson on David Drake
Keith Lewringer on David Drake
Andy Sells on David Drake
Bob Crossen Interviews David Drake
Utilizing Remote Monitoring and Machine Learning to Assist Collection System Operations
Resilience During Black Swan Events -- June 2020
WetWeather Challenges for U.S. EPA Webinar Series -- March 2020
Collision Between AI and Underground Infrastructure -- StrataData Conference 2019
Sewers Can Talk -- StrataData Conference 2018
Coffee with SmartCover CEO: Reduced Sewer Cleanings Bring Big Savings
Presentation to the CA State Water Resources Control Board (2017)