Lift Station Backup

Downed ServerWhen gravity flow isn’t possible, sewer engineers rely on lift stations for pumping wastewater or sewage material from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. Powered by electricity, if a lift station goes down sewer spills happen.

Seasonal patterns create tough times for wastewater operators and we’re here to help. If for any reason there is a power outage — due to weather, forced or rolling blackouts — by placing SmartCover remote sensors on manhole covers in front of a lift station you can measure bypass pumping needs at all times. The long-lasting power supply ensures off grid capabilities, and, since the SmartCover system uses two-way, satellite communications, data transmission continues even when there is no power or cell service.

Wastewater operators across North America turn to us for reliable real-time lift station backup, user-definable notification settings, and a web-based interface that doesn’t succumb to power or cell outages.

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